On The Move: Packing Tips To Keep Water Out Of Your Electronics

Moving at any time of the year is a nuisance, but when you have to pack up and shift during the winter months, you have to be particularly mindful of water problems. From rain to snow, water in your electronics is going to cause future problems for you. There are two main ways you can pack your electronic devices to make sure they are still going to work when you reach your new home. Read More 

Moving? Save Money And Help The Environment With Your Packaging Material Choices

If you are getting ready to move, you are probably working on gathering up boxes, packaging materials and other things that you need to pack and transport your items. Before you start buying packing peanuts, bubble wrap and other packaging materials, however, you should consider these tips. Then, you can both save money and help the environment with your packaging material choices. Do Two Things at Once Consider doing two things at once when you're packing up your sheets, blankets, towels and clothing. Read More 

How A Storage Unit Can Making Moving Simpler

Moving into a new home can be exciting, yet stressful. This can be especially true if you have a lot of things to move from one house to another. Getting a storage unit when moving can help the process along a lot, especially if you have a busy schedule. In fact, here are a few ways that having a moving storage unit during moving can help you. Get On With Your Life Faster Read More 

5 Tips For Moving A Deceased Person’s Belongings To Storage

If you've just lost a relative or friend and now face the task of sorting through their belongings, the idea of going through the person's house or apartment might be more than depressing. One option is to put everything into a storage unit instead of trying to sort through it all while it's still in the person's home. While there are times when leaving things where they are is a good idea, removing everything to storage can be very beneficial if you do it correctly. Read More 

Must You Worry About Credit Or Background Checks When Trying To Rent A Storage Unit?

If you have experienced some significant financial or legal trouble and you want to rent a self storage unit, you may be worried about the application process. You know that having a low credit score or a felony conviction on one's record can lead to problems renting an apartment or getting a job. Fortunately, these usually aren't issues when seeking to rent a storage unit.  Typical Requirements for Storage Unit Rental Read More