Reasons To Hire A Specialty Fine Art Delivery Service For Your Move

Do you own some pieces of fine art? Whether they are paintings, drawings, sculptures, or something far more creative, transporting them to your new home when you move could be a challenge. Luckily, there are companies that offer fine art delivery services. If you need to move fine art, you really are best off hiring one of these companies. Here's why.

They have the right equipment to protect your art from damage.

Many pieces of fine art should not get warmer than usual, and they should not be exposed to high humidity. You don't even want them to be in a really dry environment for a time, as that could suck some moisture out of certain materials used in the art. A fine art delivery company will generally have a temperature and humidity-controlled truck or box they can use to protect your fine art during transportation. This will help ensure the art remains in a consistent climate from your home to the next home.

They know how to handle art gently.

You don't want just anyone to take your art off the wall or put it in a box. The art needs to be handled carefully, sometimes even by gloved hands, to prevent damage and to prevent oils from being introduced to certain mediums. Many art owners are not even confident in their own ability to handle fine art as gently and carefully as it should be handled. It's best to hire professionals who do this day in and day out, and who are up on the latest strategies.

Your art will be protected by insurance.

If you were to move your own art and damage it, the damage would be your fault and you would likely have to pay for the art out of your own pocket. But when you hire a professional fine art delivery service, they generally offer some level of insurance. If they do damage your art, this insurance policy kicks in to cover the damage. Most fine art delivery services are very professional and make few mistakes, so the potential for damage is not something that should keep you up at night. But it is nice to know that if something happens, you don't have to pay.

If you have fine art to move, don't do it yourself. It is worth hiring professionals to do this sort of work properly and in an insurance-backed way.