Moving Supply Checklist

When you're planning any type of residential move, taking the time to create a supply checklist and purchasing the correct items will help save you time in the future. Prior to the movers arriving on the big day, have everything packed and organized to ensure a smooth relocation.

In addition to having the right moving supplies on hand, hiring trusted professional movers will help reduce your stress as you make a major life change. Whether you're just moving into a new home in the same city or relocating across the country for a job, being prepared is the number one way to have a successful move. 

After hiring the moving company of your choice, it's time to stock up on all of the packing supplies you'll need. Before heading to the store with your checklist, consider what household items you have. Certain belongings, such as electronics, will require specific supplies. 

Following is a moving supply checklist to help ease your transition from one home to another:

1. Cardboard Boxes and Plastic Totes in Various Sizes 

Make sure you have enough boxes and totes in the right sizes on hand before you start packing to avoid last-minute store runs. Purchase a selection of small, medium, and large boxes and make sure not to pack them too heavy, which can cause breakage. 

Although you may be able to find some free boxes to help save money, splurge on some durable, heavy-duty boxes for weightier items, such as kitchen appliances and books. Pack the heaviest items in the smallest boxes, and save the larger ones for more lightweight belongings.

2. Specialty Boxes and Bags 

When stocking up on regular cardboard boxes, be sure to purchase any specialty ones as needed. For instance, go with wardrobe boxes to protect your clothing and keep it looking its best. Wardrobe boxes typically feature convenient bars so you don't have to take clothing off of hangers. 

Another moving necessity is mattress bags, which will keep your mattresses clean in case they rub against the moving truck or trailer's dirty walls or get dragged across the ground. Also, stock up on durable trash bags, which can hold items such as sheets and towels if you run out of boxes.

3.  Labeling Supplies 

Find your household and personal items quickly when arriving at your new home by labeling the boxes and bags. The labels will also let the movers know where to place the items so you don't have to move them around later.

Essential labeling supplies include black permanent makers, scissors, sticker labels, and painter's tape. While you can write directly on the cardboard, using removable tape and labels will allow you to use the boxes again later. 

Contact local movers to learn more.