On The Move: Packing Tips To Keep Water Out Of Your Electronics

Moving at any time of the year is a nuisance, but when you have to pack up and shift during the winter months, you have to be particularly mindful of water problems. From rain to snow, water in your electronics is going to cause future problems for you. There are two main ways you can pack your electronic devices to make sure they are still going to work when you reach your new home.

Plastic Packing Materials

Plastic makes a better packing material for your electronics than cardboard because it won't get soggy when it gets wet. If the electronics being moved are small components, such as your DVR or your gaming consoles, purchase big plastic storage bins from your mass merchant seller. The bins with the snap on lids are perfect for a number of reasons:

  • You can see into them, so you can easily locate a particular electronic device while unpacking later.
  • They have carrying grooves cut into them for easy transportation
  • The bottom of them is not going to sag and collapse if it gets wet.

If the electronic device you are moving is too big for a plastic storage bin, such as your television, then purchase thick sheets of plastic from your storage company. These plastic sheets can be wrapped around the television and sealed tightly using duct tape. Make sure it is wrapped snugly and tight so no air can circulate around the electronic device while it is being moved. If there is air trapped in there, it can heat up and cool down during the transportation, which creates condensation. Condensation is your electronics' worst nightmare if it gets into the wiring, as it could cause corrosion of occur.

Linen Packing Materials

In conjunction with the plastic packing materials, put your household linen to good use while you are packing your electronics into the storage bins. Towels in particular are the perfect packing tool for keeping your home electronics safe.

First, they are thick and soft. This creates a buffer padding that is going to stop your electronics sliding around within the box. Second, the fibers in the towels are already designed to absorb water from your body. This makes them the perfect packing material to absorb any water that does get into your moving boxes and will make sure condensation and tiny ice particles are kept away from the internal workings of your devices.

If you do not have enough of the packing materials you need to safely move your electronics dryly, speak to your moving company to arrange additional supplies. Find more information here.