Storing Your Whole House? 3 Items That You Shouldn’t Put In Your Storage Unit

Putting everything you own in a storage unit is always a daunting, emotional task, regardless of how long you have to keep your things in storage. Before you get caught up with the emotional aspect of it, however, there are some practical matters that you should consider before placing everything in storage. For example, there are some things you can't put in a storage unit due to restrictions that are put in place to protect you, the storage facility's staff, and other customers. Following are three items that you shouldn't put in your storage unit. 

Combustible Materials

If it can catch on fire or explode, you shouldn't put it in a storage unit. Obvious items include gasoline, fireworks, propane tanks and kerosene lamps. However, you should take care to keep dangerous items that might not be so obvious out of your storage unit as well. For example, candle igniters and cigarette lighters contain combustible liquids. If you store a lawnmower, it may have gasoline or oil in it that can ignite under the right conditions. Other hazardous items include paint, cleaning agents and fertilizers.

Medical Supplies

Many medical and first-aid supplies, including medicine, have to be kept at a certain temperature for your safety. If they are kept at temperatures that are too cold or too warm, they may not work as well. What's more, many medications can hurt you if the ingredients in them break down due to extreme temperatures. Most medicines have to be stored in a storage facility that maintains a consistent temperature that falls between 68 to 77 degrees. If you cannot obtain a temperature-controlled storage unit, you shouldn't place your medication or any other medical items that might perish in there.

Important Papers

Storing important documents that have your personal information on them does not put you in any physical danger, but it can put you in financial danger if someone were to break into your unit. Your personal information can be used to open up lines of credit in your name or it may be used to steal money from your accounts. Always store personal documents in a locked, fireproof safe at a location that's monitored frequently. 

As you can see, there are several things you shouldn't place in a storage unit. If you have to store everything you own, you may have to discard or give away certain items and repurchase them once you get your things out of storage. Or you may have to store certain items, like your medicine, at someone's home. To learn more, speak with a business like L M Storage.