Ways To Celebrate The Holidays In The Middle Of A Move

Moving is exciting but can be a pain during the holidays. Planning or executing a move and working with moving companies during the holiday season can curb the desire to decorate, which may have an impact on your Christmas spirit. If you are in the midst of a move, try the following tips to decorate and celebrate:

Hang a tree on a wall.

Come up with an alternative to the tedious tree and digging out all those ornaments. Consider one on the wall, such as a large party poster that kids can draw or tape ornaments to.

Be thrifty when feeling gift-y.

Don't make this the year that you go all out. Instead of trying to remember everyone, plan to send out cards or buy gifts later for a spring holiday, after your move.

Go with gift cards.

If you want to make everyone happy and reduce the amount of wrapping and shopping that you have to do, buy gift cards. You may even do this online.

Visit a thrift store first.

If your holiday decorations are packed, visit a local thrift store and pick up a tree, wreath, or whatever holiday-themed décor you find. This can be re-donated after the holiday, and you will even get a tax break!

Invest in a few lights.

The lights are what makes the holidays particularly festive. Try using string lights, which are inexpensive to buy last-minute, and hang them all around. They are easy to take down and will bring a seasonal glow.

Make a bare room your blank canvas.

If you think you might be sitting in a bare room during the holidays, why not take the opportunity to make it something magnificent or memorable? Use the space to set up a huge outdoor nativity scene or one of those inflatable figures or trees. Kids will remember this for years to come.

Treat the family.

Treat the family to a fancy meal out during the holidays, or invest in a family gift for the new home. This will be something special, and you can go back to conventional traditions next year.

Don't let a move put a damper on your holiday traditions and decorations. The key to a happy holiday in the middle of a move is to do things a little bit differently, scale down a little, and keep the end-goal in mind. The minor sacrifices made during the holidays will be worth it when you are settled in your new digs.