Live In A Snake Prone Area And Putting Things In Storage? Ways To Keep Snakes Out Of Your Storage Unit

If you live in an area of the country where it is common to see snakes, you need to take steps to keep these slithering creatures out of your things. The last thing you want to happen is to pick up one of your items in your storage unit and be surprised by a snake. Follow the tips below, and you will not have to worry about this problem.

Get Rid of Habitats

Most snakes are not out to bite humans, but instead are in search of a habitat for them to safely hide and rest. If your storage unit is cluttered, this provides them with the perfect place to hide away.

If you have any type of lumber in your storage unit, stack them neatly and tightly, making sure they are flush with the floor and there are no gaps between each board. If you have flat empty boxes, store them up high instead of laying them flat on the ground so the snakes cannot hide underneath them.

If you have your things in long-term storage, check your unit periodically to make sure that snakes have not infiltrated your space. You could just simply open the unit door and walk around your things for a few minutes.

Keep Mice Away

A potential food source for snakes is mice, and if your storage unit has them, a snake may follow.  Store any fabric items, such as clothing, bath towels, comforters, and pillows in rodent-proof containers. Set a few mouse traps in the storage unit. Any type of food should also be kept in rodent-proof containers, such as seeds, grain, or bagged pet food.

Snake Repellent

Purchase a snake repellent, such as a spray or powder, from a pet store. Follow the directions on how to apply these products. You will generally sprinkle the powder or spray on both the outside and inside perimeter of the storage unit. These things may not completely keep the snakes out, but it is another layer of defense.

Talk with the storage unit manager about preventative steps they take to deter rodents and snakes from their units. Even if they say they do not have a problem, you should still take these steps, because you never know if any snakes will find their way in. If you do find any snakes, the storage unit manager can call pest control to come and remove it for you. Contact a storage facility, such as Carolina Self Storage, for more information about protecting your stored belongings.