7 Moving Supplies You Need Before You Move With Your Cat

Moving across the country is hard enough on its own. When you throw a cat into the mix, it only gets harder. If you are planning a move with your pet, it is time to compile all your necessary supplies. Cat owners will find that their moving supplies include a few extra items, including the following:

1. A Microchip

If your pet is not already microchipped, now is the time to do it. If your pet gets lost during the move, she will have an easier time getting back to you if she can be scanned. The cost is minimal, and it can prevent a lifetime of heartache.

2. A Cat Carrier

A good cat carrier is tall enough for your pet to stand up in and allows for plenty of ventilation. If you have more than one cat, you should never try to transport them in the same carrier. Each cat needs its own space, whether you are in the car or flying on a plane.

3. A Stock of Cat Food & Water (With Portable Dishes)

You should keep your cat's food and water consistent when you move as to avoid disrupting routine and causing digestive issues. A portable dish can fold up small, barely taking up any room. If you are in the car, you should pull over every couple of hours to give your pet a drink of water and a small bit of food. Large helpings may promote car sickness.

4. Health Certificates

If you are moving out of state or going on a plane, you likely need to provide proof that your cats are vaccinated. Ask your veterinarian for a health certificate you can use as evidence of this.

5. Tag, Collar, Harness, and Leash

If your cat has never walked on a leash before, it is smart to begin preparing early on. Buy a tag with your contact information just in case she gets lost.

6. Litter Box & Scoop

Obviously, your cat needs to use the bathroom along the way. Fortunately, portable litter boxes come with litter already in them. You simply need to pull back the paper in the pan to reveal the litter.

7. A Sign That Reads "Live Animal"

This will go on the outside of your animal's case, especially if you are flying on a plane and need to alert handlers.

Moving with an animal is hard, but it is certainly worth your while to have your furry friend there with you. For more information, ask the advice of your movers {like Route 37 Self-Storage}.